Beginners guide to buying altcoins in Thailand

Are you wondering how to buy Altcoin, and are a beginner at buying cryptocurrency? Compare bitcoin exchange is here to fully explain how to buy alternative coins in Thailand. Other than bitcoin there are many other types of coins that you can buy in the cryptocurrency world, these are often referred to as Altcoin, which stands for alternative coins to bitcoin. This could be referring to Dogecoin, Tether, Ethereum etc. there are Thousands of types of cryptocurrencies available to you, and you get to decide which one of those you wish to purchase.

Although bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency available today, the market value often fluctuates and has been for years, so it is important to not put all of your money into one type of coin and invest in two other popular coins that could end up doing better than bitcoin one day.

How to buy Altcoins

The procedure of buying Altcoin will be the same as buying bitcoin however you are just simply changing which type of Cryptocurrency you are purchasing. So first what you want to do is sign up for one of Thailand’s licensed bitcoin currency exchange sites. The reason why we suggest you use one based in Thailand is that often if you use a foreign site it could end up costing you more fees to withdraw or sell and even buy your cryptocurrencies

Using this site you will then be able to exchange your Thai Baht from the Thai bank account into these conversion sites, this will allow you to buy the Altcoins that you want these include Bitkub, Satangpro and Zipmex which are all legally licensed in Thailand.

How to use cryptocurrency conversion sites to buy Altcoin

Here we will be showing you how to buy a coin using Bitkub. Login to your bitcoin account, then you need to choose what coin you will be buying, for example, Dogecoin. You will then need to choose if you will be buying market value or if you want to set your own prizes for buying and selling. When buying at market price it is guaranteed that you will get the coin you want however this may be a little pricey and then if you want to set your own prices and wait to see if you are able to get the coin you wish.

Once you have bought the Altcoins, they will be in your account you’re able to trade or sell or simply withdraw the money back into Thai baht. Withdrawing money should not cost you much as you have used a Thailand based conversion site.

If you are interested in using Satangpro to trade then here is how you can do it.

– So firstly you will need to log in of course and then select your trading pairs, so this will be the type of coin you are buying and in what currency do you want to use to buy it, for example, you want to use Thai Baht to buy Tether.
-Once you have selected this you can see all the bets and offers made for Tether.
-To buy or sell Tether click on the exchange window then you can choose the amount of Tether that you want to buy then below it will show the price per Tether, and then you can put in how much you want to pay for it
-Now you can make your order, and you can see if the order was matched, if it’s an open order, or if your order was declined.

And that’s all the steps that you need to take to buy Altcoin using Satangpro. We hope that you found this article helpful and that you are able to easily navigate your way around buying Altcoin in Thailand.

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