One of the things that you will need to consider when you negin to buy Bitcoin in Thailand, is how much you will need to pay for fees. Remember, any fees come out of your profit and therefore should be minimized where possible. Today, we wi8ll discuss the most common fees associated with using Bitkub Cryptocurrency Exchange in Thailand. These are deposit fees, withdrawal fees and trading fees.

Beginning with deposit fees. As with all crypto transactions, the on-chain fee or the fee for using the particular blockchain network is handled by the chain and the sender. This means if you are sending coins or tokens to yourself then you will pay for the transaction fee of the given network. Depending on the network this could be a few cents up to several dollars. If you wish to deposit Thai Baht to your account for trading then you will need to have connected your Thai bank account and there are no fees for transferring cash to your Bitkub Account.

Let’s move onto withdrawal fees. It is a similar situation to deposits. The fee for withdrawing any coins or tokens will vary depending on the particular chain and also the activity at that time. But for example, at the moment a Bitcoin withdrawal will cost you approximately 0.0002BTC which is approximately US$4.20 or 150 Baht. It may be better if you are moving coins around to do it on a chain with cheaper transactions such as XRP or TRON. Both will cost you a couple of cents. If you wish to withdrawal THB then it is a very reasonable 20 baht fixed rate for anything up to 100,000 Baht. It then increases up to a maximum of 200 baht for the maximum daily withdrawal of two million baht. These transaction fees are very reasonable.

Finally, lets take a look at trading fees. This is the charge that you incur each time you complete a trade on the Bitkub Cryptocurrency Exchange. It is important to note that you do not pay a fee for listing a coin for sale or placing a bid on a token. You only pay the fee once the trade has finalized. The trading fee is a flat rate of 0.25%. While this may seem to be a small amount , it does add up on larger orders or if you make many small trades, so keep an eye on your trading fees.

Finally, I think it is also good to mention limits. Bitkub has no limits on trading volume. You may buy and sell as much cryptocurrency as you wish on the Bitkub Exchange. The maximum withdrawal that you can complete in a day is 2 million baht. This is a safety and compliance restriction so plan accordingly.

So there it is. The trading fees and withdrawal limits broken down for you on Bitkub Cryptocurrency Exchange. Remember to always trade safely and be informed about the costs and risks associated with cryptocurrency trading.

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