How to Buy Altcoins in Thailand

We often get asked how to buy altcoins in Thailand. Honestly, the answer is quite simple. The process for buying altcoins is basically the same as that for buying Bitcoin. In this short post, we will show you all the basic procedures for trading altcoins on SATANG PRO Crypto Exchange.

If you prefer to use Bitkub, then visit our page HOW TO BUY BITCOIN IN THAILAND you will see a very similar process but using BITKUB exchange.

The first thing that you will want to check is if the exchange is trading the coin you want. The two main exchanges in Thailand do have different offerings. So, be sure that the exchange you use has the altcoin that you wish to purchase. If you don’t know how to check this information, then you must read our post WHAT IS COINMARKETCAP.



1. Before we start trading, please make sure that you have successfully joined and completed the KYC for the relevant exchange.

To begin with, if you haven’t already done the step please visit HOW TO JOIN SATANG PRO EXCHANGE

2. First, log into Satang Pro and you will be ready to begin to buy and sell altcoins.


3. Next, select the desired Trading Pairs/Markets on the Navigation Bar.


4. After selecting the market, the Order Book will show all the placed Bids and Offers. 


5. Now, in your top left of the Exchange Window, you will see the current balance of the selected asset.


6. Then, in the Exchange Window, select BUY or SELL to execute the desired order.

Following this, the window will pre-select BUY as a default. In making an order, you are able to fill in three conditions which are the amount of the asset that you want to buy, the price of the asset, and the amount you prefer. After filling in two of the three necessary conditions, the other condition will be auto calculated and ready to execute a trading order.



7. When clicking the Fee Calculation Button, the total fees you will have to pay will be shown.

The fee is 0.2% of the order value which is calculated by adding the default fee of 0.2% and the trading fee VAT of 7% together.


8. After you successfully execute any trade orders, you can see the orders in the Open Order Window.

This window will only show the orders that are not matched yet or simply, open orders. After your order is successfully matched, the order will disappear from the Open Order Window, but it will be presented in the Recent Trade Window.


9. Congratulations ! You have now successfully bought your desired altcoin.

It will now show in your wallet on the exchange.

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