What is the Metaverse ?

It seems to have been the buzz word of 2021. Anybody in fields from finance to technology were rushing to get involved. Mark Zuckerberg even re-named Facebook “Meta” in preparation for the coming future. But what exactly is it. The Metaverse is a loosely defined term relating to a virtual reality where users can interact with others within a computer-generated environment. It will represent a broad shift in how we interact with technology.

In this short beginner’s guide to the Metaverse we will outline for you some of the possibilities and features which will make the Metaverse (not the Zuckerberg version) unique.


The Metaverse in its simplest terms can be broken into 3 key components: A virtual reality interface, digital ownership & avatars. Let’s take a look at each one.



Perhaps, the first thing you will think of when you consider the metaverse is a graphically rich digital space. A virtual world that you inhabit and take part in through the use of VR glasses that transport your to these immersive spaces. The World is not static, but will grow, change and evolve with you in it.


While web 2.0 sees large corporations such as Facebook own your identity and we essentially inhabit their walled garden, the metaverse flips the script. Purchase your own piece of land in the metaverse which belongs to you and no-one else. Create a business on this virtual land or use it as you wish. The possibilities are only limited by your mind.


Your avatar will essentially become your digital identity. It is the visual representation of you in the metaverse. Have you always wanted to have blonde hair and blue eyes? Well, you can in the metaverse. Create your avatar in the image you wish.

If you’d like to know a little more, Reuters made this short video explaining the metaverse.

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